Wednesday, January 27, 2016

(Scrappy) Stars in a Time Warp finished

I finished machine quilting the first of my two "stars in a time warp" quilts.

I used my usual monofilament in the needle, cotton in the bobbin.  Walking foot for the stars and the inner border; free motion (very free) the wild border.  Just don't look too closely.  The aim was to get - it - done.

Raw edge - for some good fraying as the quilt is used and washed.

My labels are usually this quick and simple - and done.

Colors are more true here:

It washed up well and I'm happy to start using it!  Now to start putting together the second quilt!!

Meanwhile Barbara Brackman has started another excellent series - this time a "Westering Women" block of the month - with lessons about the Westward Migration.  YES I am going to add this to my repertoire this year.... even as I feel I'm on the teetering edge of TOO many projects.  Click here for an introduction.  Barbara just posted the first block today - here.

Hope all is well with my blogging buddies everywhere.  We just missed the big snow storm here, and in fact it is so warm now that most of the snow has melted and we are in for some mild days ahead - winter surely isn't over, but we can pretend!



  1. I wonder if I dare to start one of those block of the month challenges....
    Your finish is super!

  2. Love the finished result Cynthia!

  3. congratulations! It looks wonderful with the applique border and the chintz backing! you really made this your own! bravo

  4. very nice those stars...all the quilts i've seen so far are similarly beautiful! and i am sewing along again too!

  5. Great finish, Cynthia! Your quilt is so-o-o appealing! I'm joining in on Westering Women, too.

  6. I just love this quilt! I love your scrappy applique border and best of all, it is DONE! Happy to hear your are joining the "Westering Women" too.

  7. Here we go again with the new SAL of BB !
    Congrats for your finish ! Your quilt is awesome like this ! I received today my backing fabric so I am going to quilt my stars too !
    Have a nice weekend Cynthia !

  8. Your Stars in a Time Warp quilt turned out gorgeous! Love the applique around the stars. Well done.

  9. Well, this is just awesome, Cynthia! Stars are always good anyway, and the wonderful border puts it over the top! I think you will get years of enjoyment from this one. :D


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