Monday, December 14, 2015

Mountain Laurel - Botanical Quilt sewalong block 3

Mountain Laurel this month - lots of little red bits.  I am simplifying these patterns somewhat - or being more loose about them.   Keeping it fun and doable!  

This one was tedious to applique but, so pretty!  

I can't seem to capture the celery color of my background fabric... it's different in every snapshot I take... 
 This comes real close to the color:

I'm also almost finished with a little baby quilt for a Christmas gift... will share about that soon!


  1. Lovely! The celery comes through in one or two of the photos; it's so hard to get true colors with indoor winter lighting :(

  2. Your Mountain Laurel block is beautiful!
    Such pretty fabrics and wonderful choice for your background.

  3. Oh I love this block! The celery background is beautiful! You are brave to machine applique this one. I am so intimidated by machine applique. Yours is sensational.

  4. Oh my, you are doing those blocks by machine? You seem to have it all under control.

  5. You're very talented with your machine and your block is just amazing ! Wow !


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