Friday, December 4, 2015

Frank's wool quilt - part two of two

Uncle Frank returns to Ireland tomorrow.  Deadlines help me, and indeed I took the last patchy stitches last night, and a quick photo early this morning while the teens were around to hold the quilt!

This was such a satisfying project.   Fun to work with my niece Alyssa on it, nice to think of Grandma Mary Lou the whole time.

The beautiful yarn we picked out turned out to be too thick, so I used some trusty sashiko thread:

This most random patch is from the sleeve of Grandma ML's soft old bathrobe:

We used Quilters Dream Wool batting - wonderful batt and it was so warm in my lap as I tacked back the binding.  We included a wide strip of polka dots on the back, as a nod to the quilt's original 70's backing:

(Many many years from now...... will a future grand daughter and great grand daughter patch up a quilt I have made for Tommy?  What a lovely thought....... )


  1. Oh how wonderful to see this! I am glad you posted about this project. Love that the quilt is fully ready for more use now and wasn't re-made so that it 'hid' the fact that it was patched. What a labor of love, patched with lots of respect and love for your grandma as well as your uncle. Kudos to you and your niece for your heart warming efforts!

  2. This is really a WARM quilt with all the wood, patching and LOVE that has gone into it.
    You keep warm, too, Cynthia in the cold weather.
    Love from Tokyo

  3. And THIS is what quilting is truly about. Thank you for paying your talents and love forward.

  4. Cynthia, you have done a WONDERFUL job of patching and restoring this quilt! We love the darling heart patches, and the trusty sashiko thread worked out perfectly.What a great way to carry out the time-honored traditional of quilting in your family.Undoubtedly, your uncle is thrilled with the upgrading of this beloved quilt. We really enjoyed reading about this project. Thank you, and warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl

  5. This quilt is awesome and full of family history ! You've done with Alyssa a wonderful and talented work !
    Bravo ! :)


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