Wednesday, December 16, 2015

California baby quilt and quilter hysterics

David has an extended family "cousin" Christmas exchange, and this year, he drew his California cousin who just had a baby girl.

 I already had the blocks pieced and squared up using Sujata Shah's free form method from her excellent book Cultural Fusion Quilts.  So it was quick work to piece the top.


I don't have pretty detail photos to show at this point - I have deleted them - because - in all my cleverness I appliqued the wrong name onto the front of the quilt - doh! Baby's name is Amina but I appliqued big sister's name Emony.   On the way to the post office with my son driving, I realized my mistake and quilter hysterics ensued!

There really wasn't a pretty way to remove these letters.....

So, time to create a patch in the form of a big hippie flower... this aqua print is from Japan and it is a scrap from the backing fabric.

All in all it's A-OK.  A sturdy utility quilt which is how I like baby quilts, something that can take hard use and lots of washings.  It is now wrapped and packed up a second time... sigh! and hopefully the line at the post office won't be too long tomorrow afternoon!  


  1. Good thing you caught it before posting but what a bummer to have to deal with the changes. I guess the best thing is, the more problems you have, the better you get at solving them.

  2. Whew! Good catch and a great fix :) It is certainly a wonderful gift!

  3. Nice save! How lucky that you caught it before mailing it - that's the kind of thing I would've shot out of bed at 2AM about the next morning and had a heart attack.

  4. nice baby quilt - good save on the name. Fun fabrics!

  5. This is so something I would do! Nice save, it looks great!

  6. Oh I am so glad I am not the only one who has brain cramps from time to time. I love the quilt and the story that goes with it. I love the flower fix too! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Oh that was such a clever recovery! That flower looks pretty on the quilt. I love those colors! xo


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