Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp #1 TOP finished! (almost)

On Thursday night I finished this top!  Almost.... (I am going to add some sashiko circles around the "flower" circles - but the piecing is done)

It had languished for about a month, just waiting for the last border... leaves cut out freehand and machine blanket stitched... deliberately "off" because I do love the eventual frayed look in something casual like this.

 Another early morning "90 seconds, I promise!" photo with Tommy and friend Hansen doing the honors...

I really can't name this anything other than "Stars in a Time Warp #1" because that's what I've called it all along.

Thank you Barbara Brackman for a year of amazing educational and witty posts - it's been a treat!!  Barbara's blog Civil War Quilts is excellent in every way and she is so generous to share so much deep knowledge.

I am still making stars for SIATW#2 ....

I have slacked off somewhat on the homework of really matching up the stars with Barbara's weekly themes.... but I keep making stars out of this messy stash.... with a simple plan in mind.

Meanwhile..... HOW many "pre" Thanksgiving grocery runs have I made??... I am feeling just about ready but it seems every day there is more to get and more to do.  I made and froze pie crusts and somehow once that is done, I feel I can handle anything, ha ha!   Pretty soon the house will be filled with company.  Today, the first wave arrives with my Uncle Frank all the way from Ireland - can't wait!


  1. Oh how fun to see your big flowers with the big leaves in the borders! The corner blocks really pull it all together. Love how much sparkle this quilt has:)

  2. Love your star quilt and the appliqued border! Never thought of cutting leaves freehand......nice idea!!

  3. Your quilt is so appealing! Love the way the border turned out. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. That's finished up beautifully. It looks wonderfully vintage I those fabrics.
    Sounds like a busy but special time ahead with Thanksgiving- a great celebration

  5. wow - you did that so so fast Share a photo of the gentle frayed look, I'm curious about it.
    how many total quilts will you make?

  6. Congratulations for your nice quilt ! How many stars have you done ?? I participate in this project but I have made only one star per week !! :)
    I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Cynthia !


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