Saturday, May 2, 2015

Improv quilt

As my daughter would say, "yay for me!" - I've finished tying my wacky improv quilt:

I loved making it, I'm not crazy about the outcome, but I believe I will like it more and more over time as it is being used.

Soooo many memories in these fabrics...

Tenugui from our time in Japan 2011-2013.

Fabric from my Mom's craft projects in the 90's...

And this purple with the bird was from the duvet covers I made my girls long ago...

I used dark indigo sashiko thread to tie it, a double layer of batting, and flannel backing.  It is large and heavy and WARM.

But in the meantime... we are finally - FINALLY - seeing that winter is long gone... some daffodils popping up here and there...   David picked me this bouquet today;).

Today Tommy took the SAT's,  and Noelle came home from Boston to do laundry, eat some good food, stock up on some things from Market Basket and Kohl's.  Long walk with Daisy.   A good sunny day.

Tomorrow I am heading up a dinner for a group of 50-75 teens and young adults after church - Italian themed and if everyone brings what they have offered to bring, we will have plenty of food!

Hope you my blogging buddies out there are having a good good weekend as well!



  1. And you don't even need a long Golden Week to get all that done. Good going.

  2. I love quilts like this! Sounds like a happy weekend for you.

  3. Good to hear spring has reached you; here in Tokyo it is SUMMER.
    What a lot of wonderful memories in your beautiful quilt.
    Enjoy your life.

  4. What a great quilt. And such memories! I love these kind of quilts.

  5. LOVE this quilt. What a treasure! and love hearing little updates about life. mwah!

  6. Gorgeous quilt with so many memories wrapped up in it. Loving seeing spring flowers, very glad the weather's finally warming up some - Chris :D


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