Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Doll quilt finish

My first doll quilt exchange... and so fun to do... finishing a "whole quilt!" in no time at all.  I loved carrying it with me everywhere and hand quilting it in stolen moments here and there.

I  had planned to use this stripe for the binding...

But liked this lighter more feminine print: 

Finished it last night! 

  I pulled several of my Stars in a Time Warp blocks for this little quilt.  It was really fun to audition lots of different stars and combinations.  I was definitely going for a 19th century feel.  

Tomorrow or Thursday I will mail it to my person!  Stay tuned for when our host Lori at Humble Quilts puts together a link up of the 60+ doll quilts. 

Speaking of Stars in a Time Warp, we are meant to not only use reproduction fabrics, but to make blocks like a 19th century quilter might - scrappy, random.  I love that make-do aesthetic. 

It's the kind of quilt-along that can be jumped into anytime.  Each Wednesday morning Barbara Brackman posts another informative lesson on a particular type of 19th century fabric/color/print.  Here is the post about conversation prints.   What will tomorrow's post bring??  Make one star, or several.

If you are on Instagram, look at #starsinatimewarp for a little inspiration.

The other day I slapped up all my stars so far and I LOVE the effect:

It was hard to spare four blocks for the little doll quilt, but not that hard!

And lastly, a few random happy photos from LIFE...

So happy for the bird song outside our window in the early mornings...

Happy when my kitchen is filled up with good folks and food: 

Happy when Daisy is all tuckered out...

So happy being a Mom.  These three people are my greatest treasures.  But... tell me... how is time flying by so fast????


  1. Your little doll quilt is lovely! Great fabric choices for your stars. Love the randomness in putting them together. I think you've got the look!

    1. Thank you Barbara! The stars are so addictive.

  2. Your Doll quilt is lovely. Someone is going to be so happy when they receive their parcel.
    I am sure that we just blink, then our children are independent young adults....how did that happen so quickly?

    1. Thank you! I got such a nice email from Terry in Pennsylvania when the quilt arrived;).

  3. You are so good with colours! The make-do aesthetic look is great.
    Children are treasures ideed!

    1. Queenie, thank you! Yes... all children are;).

  4. All those stars are gorgeous! I particularly love the color combination of the doll quilt. This would also make a beautiful table topper.

  5. Happy Birthday! so many things to be thankful for.
    Loving all those colours in that star quilt. they sit so happily together.


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