Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp ... on a snowy day

I really enjoy quilt historian Barbara Brackman's blogs - they are so entertaining and educational.  She's doing a "block of the week" this year called Stars in a Time Warp - 6-inch sawtooth stars (aka variable star) each Wednesday featuring a different type of reproduction fabric.   Click here for the introduction if you are interested!

The first week featured Turkey Red:

I really work best with little deadlines, fun "homework" and all the better when there are quilters out there in blogland sewing along!  If you join in, post your blocks on Instagram! (#starsinatimewarp).

Week #2 was Prussian Blue - pretty Prussian blue!  That bright big print is for sure Prussian blue.  I hope the darker print qualifies as an authentic reproduction- it was in my stash.  In the past I haven't paid much attention to "lines" when I shop.

Ahhh it was so fun to work on these today, with our first big snow of the season.

Daisy's first big snow, and Molly, ever playful even at 12 years old:

David and Tommy taking care of snow removal and keeping a fire going... and me cozy in the sewing room getting organized for this block of the week... I will use these shirtings throughout, I think:

A snowy day can't get much better than this!  


  1. Lovely stars! I got the red ones done, but not the blue ones yet. Great shirtings box! You can keep that snow and all the fun that goes with it. LOL

  2. Your stars look great. Wonderful fabrics! I can't wait for Wednesday to see what's next :)

  3. So glad you are sewing along with our Stars in a Time Warp - these little stars are fun and just like potato chips - hard to eat (make) just one. Your blocks look great and thanks for sharing.


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