Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simple 4-patch baby quilt

Sometimes when a baby shower comes around, I do actually have time to whip up a baby quilt,  and it helps when I have parts lying around waiting to be used - like these cowboy themed 4-patches from a long-ago baby quilt...

Plus a bunch of  leftover 5 1/2 " squares...

 Sort of a mess...

Fun to play around... try to put some order to the chaos...

I've had a nice piece of this red paisley around for ages ....

Even when I think "I'll just whip up a simple baby quilt", it still seems to take me about two full quilting days to manage it - of course this includes interruptions like switching laundry and feeding my people;).

the back:

And.... did you spot my glaring mistake?

A missing 4-patch - doh! Oh well.... not tragic...  right? But wow, how did I miss that?!

"Zoe" below, watched me as I machine quilted hanging diamonds, and meandered in the little border... in my mind baby quilts were made to be machine quilted for hard use and 1000 washings in hot water!!

She's a gentle critic.


  1. Oh what a lovely quilt! It's great to have the bits and pieces laying around to speed the project on it's way to a lucky loved baby! and thanks for commenting on my blog! Happy New Year!

  2. I love the way you journaled the process of piecing together this pretty quilt (which is even better-looking in person, I can add.) Loved seeing the pattern emerge as the squares migrated into place.


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