Monday, January 19, 2015

London snapshots

Just back late last night from a few whirlwind days in London.  We love that city!

One of the first things  - Liberty department store.  So beautiful.  (So pricey).   Bought some French safety pins, and took some photos, that's it!

Luscious Liberty fabrics!

I can honestly say there is nothing in America to compare aesthetically to the haberdashery department at Liberty!

One of the main reasons that I met David on this particular trip (he was already there for business) was because he held a workshop reading of his play Much Ado About Love with some talented young aspiring actors - how could I miss that?

David wrote the play (a romantic comedy or "rom-com" as these young "Brits" called it) entirely using Shakespeare's verse - lines, and sometimes whole chunks of scenes.  A new modern context and storyline, but Shakespeare's own matchless verse.

We also saw some wonderful theatre on the West End.  I recommend all three of these, for sure:

It was thrilling to see our friend Savannah as Glinda and then meet her backstage afterwards:

The costumes may look featherlight from the audience, but they are so heavy and someone spends two hours each day repairing the sequins on this gown, for example! 

The last thing we did in London was visit one of our favorite museums, the Victoria and Albert Museum - I will share those photos next.  For now.... time to unpack and throw in some laundry!


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  1. Visiting the Liberty Shop was a highlight of a few days in London last year. The building is stunning, I wish had more time there to just take it all in.


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