Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goals and improv

It's back to school and work this week.  Our Christmas "stuff" is all put away and it feels like a good fresh start with the house and with ourselves.  It is really cold outside.  There's some chicken soup simmering.

Look at this bread board my brother (a master carpenter in North Carolina) made us for Christmas.  Absolutely in the realm of wabi-sabi.  It will develop such a patina over time (that super-sharp Japanese bread knife is already leaving its mark!).  Wabi-sabi is slow (not fast), handmade (not mass-produced).  Useful, simple, beautiful.

A quilting goal of mine, which will be familiar to so many of you, is to use up a good chunk of my "stash" this year.  And to not have more than 3 projects going at a time.  Simplify, focus.  Use my stash to make some cozy utilitarian quilts from scrappy blocks --

-- like these improv blocks trimmed to 9 1/2" for the next baby boy quilt --

  And this kind of piecing is so freeing, fun, not to mention frugal!  The Japanese concept of 'mottainai' comes to mind - waste nothing.

Happy New Year blogging quilting friends!


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  1. Happy New Year to you too! I had to re-read your post as I thought I read, your brother made the bread and then when I read it will develop a patina over time....??? So my second attempt to read your post made much more sense.
    Well done using up your stash. Your cold and we were suffering thru 40c heat, although we have just had a late afternoon thunderstorm which as dropped the temp down to 24c & humid. from Jenny in Australia


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