Monday, January 26, 2015

big snow and baby quilt finish

Today one of my errands  - before our "potentially historic" snow storm ("Boston Braces for Brutal Blizzard!") - was delivering this finished baby quilt to my friend's new baby boy;).

This was such a fun - FUN - quilt to piece.  Every last bit of fabric in this was in my stash already.

I really want to use up a lot of stash this year, get it out of the bins and into quilts to enjoy!  I have leftover strips from log cabins I made back in 2001, for crying out loud!  

For these I sewed and sewed and trimmed and trimmed, squaring off the blocks with my 10.5 inch square ruler.

I can see why they call it "liberated" quilting!

Above, there's a little piece of Japanese tenugui in the lower left corner - fishnet pattern.

It's always tricky to give a baby quilt of any particular "style" when you don't know the Mom's exact taste, but...... remembering back to when I was a young mom (lo those many years ago), I appreciated having a bumper crop of blankets and quilts that could be used hard and washed 1000 times.

My friend (we "visit teach" together for our church women's auxiliary) is from Vietnam and her mom is visiting from there to help with the new baby.  Mother and grandmother seemed as calm as could be about this approaching snow storm!

I have to admit, I have no idea what possessed me to buy this shockingly bright yellow in the first place.  The bright yellow negates any 'wabi-sabi' quality this little quilt might have had, but, oh well....  it was fun to do and nothing precious.

Meanwhile I am really hoping we don't have a power outage with this big storm.  We are prepared, mostly:

David flew to Japan today, but I've got my seventeen year old son who is happy and willing to keep the fire going, and to use our new snow blower - so I can't complain!

All of this snow should mean more quilting time for me, yay!   That's my plan for ALL day tomorrow;).



  1. A lovely gift for a new baby. Well done on using up your stash. Boy, I wish we had 'snowed in days' here...then maybe I could get some quilting done!
    Keep warm and I hope you don't lose power.

  2. It is a lovely quilt - how satisfying to be using up your stash, and I think the yellow is very jolly, even if not wabi-sabi. I hope you will come through the storm warm and cosy, with your son.

  3. So the storm will make you produce another lovely scrap quilt! Isn't it nice to use up odd pieces, and remember when and where you got it. Both baby and mum will enjoy this quilt, and I bet it will make friends with the washing machine, too.
    Happy quilting!
    Stay safe! Thinking of you!

  4. It's a great baby quilt. The bright yellow really makes the quilt! I can't believe your husband missed the big snow.


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