Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Vermont Quilt Festival - a few faves

David and I live about 3.5 hours from the Vermont Quilt Festival, and we've made a bit of a tradition of going up there, stopping by King Arthur Flour on the way, having dinner in Burlington (there is a fun pedestrian only street, with shops and restaurants), and staying in a hotel.  Early on Saturday morning David will drop me off at the festival, go fly fishing, and pick me up again.

Another great quilt show. 

My vote for viewer's choice - Gladi Porche's We Are Stardust - so dense and colorful, with teeny tiny masterful hand quilting.

This one was very cool - Thanks, Ralph by Dawn Sullivan, all made of recycled shirts:

And rounding a corner, I immediately recognized this as another one of Wendy Reed's amazing pot holder quilts.  I mean, wow!  All made of "orphan" blocks - !!! 

And Laura Lane's Basket Parade - so sweet and quiet, classic: 

DOT by Susan Painting - hand quilted, too -

And this one knocked my socks off - Zoo Bound, by G Wong - and I randomly met the young quilter - but before I'd seen the quilt - wish I could go back to say, well, "Your quilt knocked my socks off!"

And one more - I just loved this one- Indigo and Cheddar by Diane Wespiser -

There was a modest in scale, but nice, show of 19th century applique quilts, but no photos allowed.  Some nice vendor booths... ran into a couple of friendly faces... all in all a good good day in Vermont -

But speaking of photos, I think it's so important to give attribution when we post quilts on line.  Sometimes when I see a quilt image on Pinterest, I'm like, come on!  Name the quilter and keep that name and image linked together, forever, people! 

My simple system is to take one over all pic of the quilt, one close up of the card, followed by a detail shot or shots.  That way, the detail card is sandwiched between photos of the right quilt, on my phone. 



  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing some of your faves. They are all amazing!

  2. Thanks for my morning inspiration! Amazingly gorgeous, every one of them.

  3. great photos! sorry I missed you at the show. WE thought it was great this year.

  4. I am so excited to see those ribbons on Gladi's quilt. I was so disappointed to miss this one and Laura's too. They are both stunning. I agree that "Zoo Bound" knocks my socks off too. I WON'T be missing this show next year!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. all gorgeous but the last with the orange peels is my personal fave...always a great show...

  6. Loved seeing Wendy's quilt! Amazing!
    I am so glad I was able to visit King Arthur's Flour a few years ago BEFORE the celiac diagnosis. It was very fun to eat a sweet treat there, watch the bread being made, and shop the store

  7. Those are wonderfully colorful quilts and I would have a hard time picking a favorite. I agree the name of the quilter is important and that is why my Tokyo Dome show never made it to my blog.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! Loved seeing all these great quilts. Wendy is such an inspiration too.:)

  9. Thanks for the mini quilt show! I enjoyed seeing some examples of hand quilting - it seems to be disappearing from the quilt world. Thanks, Ralph was a treat, as I have a thing for recycled shirts!

  10. Agreed about photos of quilt on line!
    Enjoyed seeing your favourites!


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