Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AQSG seminar

I have a moment today to catch my breath and reflect on the wonderful time had at the AQSG (American Quilt Study Group) Seminar this month in Manchester, NH! 

SO many old quilts to see, so much to absorb.  I snapped photos here and there, but they don't do anything to convey the richness of the lectures and "study centers".   There were six bed turnings, a silent auction, dinners, field trips, the works.  Quilt Lovers from ALL over the country.  An exuberant knowledgable bunch and I just held on and enjoyed the ride!

I helped with the NEQM bed turning on opening night.  Lots of variety from their collection, including the irresistable Little Women quilt:

Wendy Reed (The Constant Quilter) showed us some amazing sample books at Manchester Historic Society. 

Wendy and Barb (Fun with Barb) were the life of the party wherever they were;).

I enjoyed the Quilts and Color study center by Gerald Roy of Pilgrim/Roy fame

... and another about North Country "Comfortables" (comforters) from upstate NY.  Yes, tied quilts are legit!  I love that term - Comfortable - and loved these little stacked ties:

If you love old quilts, and history... and where they intersect - consider joining AQSG and let me know if you do!  There are occasional regional get-togethers.  Like being in school again - in all the best ways. 

Meanwhile... I am hoping for some good Trick or Treating foot traffic tonight, down our long driveway.   I look forward to meeting some neighborhood kids this way.  This is our first Halloween here, and only our second as empty nesters.  It's all so sweet...

and bittersweet...



  1. What a educational opportunity and a fun place to hang out at the AQSG meeting. The photos everyone has shown has been really intesting and so much going on. Hope you get lots of kids tonight.

  2. I have seen Barb's and Wendy's post about the seminar. I'll bet it was fun with those two around. :)
    I love how vibrant the samples in the book have remained.
    Looks like the kind of thing I would love, but I know I would never get there. I certainly enjoy reading about the experience of others who attend.
    I just posted about a quilt I tied last week. Haven't done that for a long time. So interesting to see a vintage tied quilt--unique method.

  3. That kind of gathering is something I will never get here. I'm so glad for your sharing.

  4. So glad we had time together at the Seminar and I'm looking forward to the next regional day in New England.
    I wish the bed turning event was an all nighter!
    Hope you got lots of trick or treaters!


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