Monday, May 15, 2017

Fall Festival month 5

All caught up on Fall Festival.  Not sure about this guy's mouth, but I'm leaving it.  Football style I guess.  I love using wool for projects like this - the eyes, nose, mouth, berries, star.

I put most of my sewing room back together.... which has made things easier.

No design wall, but pushing the twin beds together works just fine.  I know when we downsize I'm unlikely to have such a great sewing space, so I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Thanks Lori for keeping us on track with yet another Jan Patek pattern quilt along!  See the link ups here!

Such a nice Mother's Day yesterday with a visit from Noelle and Keenan for dinner.

Noelle indulging me with a photo:


My Mom's china - Wild Strawberry.  Lots of good food and good memories associated with this china.

Today... it's chilly, rainy, cozy.  House is pretty clean.  Day off work.  This all adds up to... a day of (mostly) quilting.  Well maybe some laundry too!



  1. I wish I'd have done the wool mouth! I have a tiny design wool behind my sewing room door. And when it is too small my floor works.
    It sounds like a lovely Mother's day!

  2. Everything is looking wonderful -- and I really like how your border fabric pops as a frame for the block. Looking forward to June 2nd!!

  3. I Love that pumpkin and his mouth! So happy to hear your Mother's Day was filled with love, good food and memories.

  4. Your tulips and your mom's china, so lovely! And such a cute Pumpkin w, lol, football mouth.

  5. So fun seeing the fabrics each person has selected for Fall Festival. We are close to the end.
    I like your mother's strawberry china. I love strawberries both to eat and for decoration. Very pretty.

  6. Your post is a mixture of fall and spring. Your pumpkin has great personality. Your mom's chins is charming. I'm sure you treasure it.

  7. nice love big mouth pumpkin

  8. Love your pumkin basket, your quilt is progressing nicely.. Hope you are enjoying the process.


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