Thursday, December 1, 2016

Front Porch progress, and London

I'm late finishing up the bicycle.  I procrastinated starting it - thinking that I would do something different - but - I'm pretty happy with it.  A fun summery quilt after all.  It is VERY "wonky" (I hate that word but it's the only good word for this) and might be missing a few parts but it is finito!  It is counterintuitive but I will remember watching The Crown when I look back at this bicycle!

I have to say, as much as I love Jan Patek patterns..... I often come up against construction problems.... the flower pot section is too long....

So I shortened up the brown flowerpot and it all worked out:

One more section to go!

Lori has a link up on her blog Humble Quilts.  Her sewalongs are great for helping us keeping on track and motivated.   She has chosen another Patek pattern for next year - fall themed.  I had already chosen another Patek pattern (the Winter Quilt) to do with two of my long-distance sisters in law.... so I'm not sure about the fall quilt, but it's tempting!  For next year I definitely want to do Barbara Brackman's block of the month.  Looking to simplify a bit.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  David and I were visiting family in London!  Our middle daughter and son in law traveled with us.  It was a lot of fun.  We stayed with family and doing something so different took the sting out of being empty nesters!  I only wish I'd taken more photos.

A trip to Liberty is a must, if only just for browsing:

On the way out at Heathrow, "Santa" might have done a little shopping at Cath Kidston, with a little guidance from "Mrs Santa".  I wonder if English women 50+ years of age use these bags?  Well, I don't need to know the answer to that question - this American woman just loves it!  Oilcloth.  Floral. Durable. Practical.

And a quick stayover in NYC before returning to Mass:

HOPE might be my theme for 2017!


  1. Love seeing your progress! I think the bike is my favorite part of this quilt.:)

  2. Love your bicycle! I'm trying to get all my pieces together too..... having to make a few adjustments on the way.

  3. I like the stripe fabric you put in the wheel. Makes me think of the cards kids used to put on their bicycle wheels to make noise as they rode around.

  4. cute block!
    What a wonderful trip to London!
    I am watching the crown too - love it


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