Sunday, September 25, 2016

Front Porch month 5

A couple of quick pics to show my progress.  We are linking up at Lori's blog here.

We worked on the flower pots this month.  They were fun to do.  Not sure how I feel about the sunflower fabric (the "tone" of it doesn't quite fit the quilt, and usually my solution to that would be to either eliminate the fabric completely, or add more in!  In this case, I'm adding.  It will sort of be an experimental quilt.  I also know I will need lots of various coping strips to even piece it all together properly!

Others have chosen to piece some of the floral blocks - such a good idea.

Thank you for your nice comments on Ethel's Baskets.  I don't think I've returned a single email or replied to any comments this week.  Some dear family friends have suffered a terrible tragedy - their 17 year old son took his own life - losing his battle with depression - and that has been the focus of the week.  Hits close to home and sometimes life is just unbearably sad.  I don't think I've ever felt so brokenhearted for a friend.

Life is sunshine and shadow.  That just keeps coming up as a theme...

Thanks for another great sew along Lori.  The deadlines help keep me moving in the sewing room...



  1. So very sorry to hear about your friend's son - life is truly sunshine and shadow -- and depression in our families is most difficult. Thank you for posting your blocks in the midst of shadow -- I really love the layering of your flowers -- and I'm thinking too that piecing the blocks together will also be an exercise in creativity!

  2. First, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son. What a terrible loss. Second, your blocks are lookin' good. It's fun to look at how everyone's is reflecting their own personality.

  3. I m so sorry for you friends' loss, so sad.

    I love the sunflower print! Do you have enough to maybe use it as a border? Also the grey and white stries, used again where it was a beackground on your previous blocks. And such a lovely blue here too.

  4. Fantastic blocks. And, I love the sunflower fabric. I used it in a different colorway on the back of the "stars" border in my Gwennie inspired quilt and I love it! It looks sensational here. And, you are so right. When in doubt add more!

  5. I'm so sorry about the loss. My BIL sister took her life last weekend. I cannot imagine the despair.
    Putting needle to thread is soothing. I love what you did with the flowers.

  6. U r so right...sunshine and shadow...very very sad life...sending hugs to your friend and hugs to you for your quilty need to reply...xxoo

  7. It's so difficult to understand why something like that happens--I'm so sad for the family. I love the plaid and fussy cut center on your flower--I need to add some centers too!


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