Saturday, May 7, 2016

Westering Women

I caught up on Westering Women the other day.  I'm not sure I love this very subdued color scheme (I mean, hardly any color) but it does have me thinking of ways to set the blocks...

Sweet gum leaf....

Thank you Harriet Hargrave (The Art of Classic Quiltmaking) for the refresher about set in seams:

All four blocks so far:

I had meant for more than just one piece of the stripe to be "off" - but things got turned around during the process.  Oh well... I think it's OK.

Lone Elm - looking kind of forlorn...


  1. The colours are indeed subdued, but that is what makes this so calm and homely. With a bit of fancy hand quilting you can make the Lone Elm sparkle.

  2. I think your color scheme is great! nice tree block!

  3. Love your "earthy" colors! Perfect for traveling west :)

  4. I love your color scheme! I love the sweet gum leaf. Funny, when we "try" to make a mistake it doesn't happen. I know I make plenty when I don't want to!

  5. Your colors are great ! And your blocks too!

  6. I've been enjoying making these blocks so much. It's fun to see what colors and ideas you are using. One off is fine, I agree.


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