Saturday, May 28, 2016

Star gazers block exchange

All last year the Chelmsford Quilt Guild hosted a "Star Gazers" block exchange.

For mine, I wanted scrappy stars with a "repro" feel, and provided two fabrics - celery green and beige/brown repro -  for possible use in each block.   And I wanted soft pinks/reds as accents.

In groups of 6 or 7, we rotated kits and each month it was fun to work with someone else's fabric and palette.  What fun to get my little kit back with a handful of pretty stars - two 6-inch stars from each quilter in the group.

My goal is to make a table runner or table topper that will look nice with my Mom's china (Wild Strawberry).  I may use one block as a signature block on the back; or, I may make three more blocks to make a little square quilt.

I was thrilled with the blocks and look forward to another round of "star gazers" next year!

Meanwhile Tommy has had his last day of classes, and graduation is next week.  Empty nest is just around the corner and I'm really savoring our time with Tommy while we have it!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your group blocks with your sweet china. Have fun enjoying those special senior moments.

  2. These stars are pretty and the choice of colors perfect ! Thanks to your friends, you will have a beautiful quilt !

  3. What beautiful blocks! A perfect color match to that wonderful china. Congratulations to Tommy. Empty nest is hard at first, but it really does get better!

  4. pretty stars blocks.
    one of my birds just flew home. They always come home and those visits are all the sweeter!


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