Friday, April 1, 2016

Quilts Japan at the NEQM

detail, Yukiko Nakao, Flowers in the Night Sky 

If you are in the Lowell MA area anytime between now and May 1, be sure to see the 12th Quilt Nihon Exhibition at the New England Quilt Museum.  Japanese quilts never fail to completely AMAZE, especially in person.  They don't all appeal to me (can you say, "over the top"?) but, I can appreciate them and I stand in awe of the craftsmanship, artistry, detail, patience, etc. etc. 

Anyway, David and I hopped up to Lowell this morning and took a quick look - here are a few of my faves: 

Wa! Wa! Wa! by Harue Ishii: 

detail, Wa! Wa! Wa! by Hiroe Ishii

Wa! Wa! Wa! by Hiroe Ishii 

The silks just shimmered - it is such a dynamic quilt in person.  "Wa" means circle, and harmony.

detail, Wa! Wa! Wa! by Hiroe Ishii

This next one by Miki Yakita is in the "wowsers" category for sure.  Teeny teeny tiny pieces, and indeed 'sweet and charming'.

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Miki Yakita, My Baltimore Albumn IV

detail, My Baltimore Album IV by Miki Yakita 

This next one, Lake Surface by Kazue Takao, is just awesome in person as well.  So full of texture, nuance.  All hand pieced, appliqued, quilted, and embroidered. 
Lake Surface by Kazue Takao

detail, Lake Surface by Kazue Takao

Beautiful kasuris, indigo, katazomes, etc. 

detail, Lake Surface by Kazue Takao caption
 If you love sashiko like I do, this is a really interesting quilt - so much texture. 
Add detail, Lake Surface by Kazue Takao

detail, Lake Surface by Kazue Takao
One more - another stunner.  This one by Yukiko Nakao. Flowers in the Night Sky. 

Yukiko Nakao, Flowers in the Night Sky 

detail, Yukiko Nakao, Flowers in the Night Sky 

detail, Yukiko Nakao, Flowers in the Night Sky
After some time at the museum, we had lunch across the street at Life Alive (I call it the Hippie Place).  A little pricey but so nourishing and utterly delicious. 

I have already posted once this morning, and twice yesterday.  Time to get off social media and get back to the cutting table, the ironing board, the sewing machine!  And, ok, the laundry situation. 

Hope April is off to a fine start for all my quilting blogging buddies out there!



  1. Beautiful, stunning quilts! Thanks for sharing them.:)

  2. Delightful baltimore - I love the close up of the basket! Thanks so much for taking the time to post these beautiful pictures. The standard of the hand stitching is astonishing!

  3. I have never seen those on display here in Tokyo.
    I have been to Lowell several times ... once when it was just being developed as a museum and a few years later when they were giving exhibits.


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