Thursday, March 31, 2016

Botanical drop out

I hate dropping out of things, but I also really hate continuing to work on something that just isn't making me smile.  So... I'm not doing anything more with the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Quilt block of the month.  

I had been doing it potholder style and learned a lot about what I would do differently next time:  use a small print as the background and binding, instead of a solid; have a plan for the quilting (be consistent)!  Stick with needle turn applique.  

 I joined up five of the blocks into a springtime table runner.  

I'm real pleased and I know it will look pretty over a white tablecloth with my china.   

I have a few more of these and a couple of unfinished blocks - maybe for another table runner or small wall hanging, not sure. 

In other news, this is a block for our guild's box exchange.  It has been fun to make a star each month using someone else's palette/style!  

I didn't take a single photo at Easter, and we had a houseful of people!  I was distracted and worried by a medical (eye) issue with my son, something which is all but resolved now, thankfully.

Spring is in the air.  This is the very ugliest time of year here in Massachusetts and this is when I think North Carolina would sure be a fine place to live!  All that changes quickly enough though once we get some green around here in May and June!

Here is Daisy respecting the invisible fence line!!  Best decision ever, to get an invisible fence so she can be outside and active much more often.

And both dogs testing out each other's beds and patience.  Molly will be 13 soon, sweet old gal. 


  1. I think the runner was a great alternative. Sometimes the best plan is the one you come up with on your own.

  2. Good for You!! the runner looks really nice. Sweet little bunnies. Is ugly here too in CT!!
    cute puppies!

  3. Great idea! Your Shenandoah blocks make a lovely runner :)

  4. Thanks for sharing something that happens to all of us sometimes. Really love the fabric choices for the blocks you did.

  5. Perfectly understand how you feel - and the runner is a great idea! You've already done more work on this than most of us with all that quilting and binding! I'm thinking I might make a smaller quilt - leave out a few of the blocks...


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