Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cloth House in London

 This is old news now but I realized I hadn't shared any photos from my recent quick-trip to London.  David was there on business and I joined him for just a couple of days.

A highlight - Cloth House in Soho:

 Charm.... and a feast for the eyes...

 Blue and White heaven...

 Japanese treasures..

Vintage fun...

French ticking to die for... I bought a little... haven't cut into it yet though!

 I could have spent another hour in this little shop - it was heaven!  But... we had dinner to eat and a play to catch!  Absolutely stunning performance!

Back to quilting posts next - I'm going gangbusters on my Stars in a Time Warp quilt!


  1. I love nipping into the Cloth House whenever I'm in town and it's wonderful to see your pics today. My son and dil have been raving about Gypsy, it's their top recommendation for the West End at the mo. What a great #latergram - Chris :D

  2. Oh I am green! Is that a "potholder" sashiko quilt? Surely looks like one. Thanks for sharing these treasures.


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