Thursday, August 27, 2015

World Quilt Expo wowsers

So much beauty at the Manchester NH World Quilt Show a few weeks ago.  I will let the snapshots speak for themselves.  My routine is usually to take a full snap of the quilt, followed by the signage, followed by detail shots.  This is so that I don't have any confusion once I'm home as to which names belong with which quilts.  I do all of this very quickly and I'm not going for great photos, just memory-joggers.  (Please, if you pin any of these pictures, include the quilter's name!).

 It was such a treat to meet Christine Wickert, the creator of the stunningly beautiful "My Version of a Persian", which won best in country:

As usual, after a show like this, I go home feeling like putting together a nice 4-patch;).


  1. So great to see all these quilts. I wish the timing would have worked out for me to attend this show.
    That Persian quilt is amazing!

  2. WOWZA!! I also wish I could have attended the show ^.
    I LOVE the Susie Wimer Leaf quilt. I also love the quilting - all the freedom shown. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Debra I agree - and thought it should have won a top prize!

  3. Thanks for sharing! So much wonderful detail in these quilts.:)

  4. So many wonderful quilts! I especially like October by Susie Wimer :)

  5. Thanks for the view and the details. It makes me wish I could read all the Japanese texts on the quilts here. It is so nice to see what the quilter was thinking.


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