Wednesday, August 5, 2015

more this and that

Just a few odds and ends to share this week...

Millie - my late Grandma's best friend, who has had such an influence on my quilting, sent me this sweet yo-yo fragment:

It is wabi-sabi for sure...

A new-ish Bernina dealer in my area (Daley By the Yard) did a beautiful job fixing the 153QE (after this calamity), and it has never sewn better.   Daisy still hasn't stepped back into the sewing room - poor gal, but it's just as well - she sheds so much!

While my machine was in the shop, I obsessively researched new sewing machines, "just in case"... and the long and short of it is that yes, a new machine (Bernina 740) is on order!  I am going to give my niece Alyssa the 153QE.  I hope she will love it as much as I have through the years - it's been a GREAT machine.  But..... I look forward to the bigger throat space and the huge bobbin of the newer generation Bernina.  (This feels a bit like buying a car, in more ways than one!)

Meanwhile I've been catching up on some Stars in a Time Warp... here are two using vintage katazome indigo -

Two more with indigo print reproductions...

Lapis blue (barely, maybe?) ... and the light blue star below also counts as a "floral trails" I think:

More of what might be floral trails:

Finished up today sewing the borders onto this year's Stepping Stones quilt:

Have this little one to baste, too:

And meanwhile this 18 year old has big plans for his bedroom:

Some creative chaos going on but that's how we like things around here!



  1. Nice stuff going on. I guess daughters aren't the only ones to do up their quarters.

  2. Wonderful stars and your Stepping Stones quilt is so "soothing" -- beautiful color palette! Charming sampler, too :)

  3. Oh a new machine is always so exciting. Enjoy it. I love your stars and both quilt tops.

  4. So glad that the machine problem has worked out to a NEW machine for you and a gift for your niece.

    We look forward to new sewing!


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