Friday, July 10, 2015

summer tenugui

David brought me another pretty tenugui from his last trip to Tokyo.  Mount Fuji with pretty sunflowers in the foreground.

David had been walking in our old neighborhood Azabu-Juban, and happened upon the lovely Asa no Ha art tenugui shop.  I can't believe we never knew about that shop in our two years living in that neighborhood!

It is walking distance from Blue and White, which carries many original tenugui such as this playful jeans and paisley take on indigo:

Here's another one, purchased at one of the lovely Kamawanu shops found in the more trendy shopping areas in Tokyo:

My friend Julie Fukuda has written about tenugui here.  She has often pieced them together to use as quilt backings.  I did so for this baby quilt a couple of years ago, and used a lot of tenugui in the top too:

Just getting out my small collection of tenugui transports me back to Japan....


  1. I have not seen that tenugui shop. There was one in the Roppongi Hills complex but it is long gone. When I want something special ... like one of the twelve animals representing the year, I go to the small shop in Ginza for the largest variety. What a nice gift your husband selected.

  2. Julie, when David asked, they said they've been open for about five years! I am flabbergasted that I never noticed it before. It just shows you how dense and multilayered these neighborhoods are.

  3. Oh my! How could you wipe your hands on that? It is so beautiful!


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