Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stars update

I'm catching up on the latest Stars in a Time Warp, albeit with loose interpretations.  We've done various floral chintzes, and woodblock prints this week. 

Here are a couple using a light blue floral chintz piece that I've had around for years -

 I think it was my Mom's from the 90's maybe.  It was one of those pieces that "sparked joy"* a few weeks ago when I seriously de-stashed:

(We pause to mention The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo!)

A familiar scene at the sewing machine these days:

And the stack is growing so much..... I'm starting to think of ways to sort these stars and use them in two quilts....

but I don't want to start until we have finished the year out.  Each week I learn so much from Barbara Brackman's posts!

Meanwhile, this kid has his wisdom teeth out yesterday.... (that's a Burgoyne Surrounded.... and in the background, Winding Ways)... 

And.... I'm no gardener (not by a long shot) but spotted these petunias at the grocery store... and petunias with those sticky buds remind me so much of Grandma Mary Lou. 

I think in this old photo, we were looking at Grandma's flower garden.... circa 1991...  oh how I miss Grandma Mary Lou and my dear Mom.....
1991, Denver; Grandma Mary Lou, me, my Mom Janis 


  1. Your stars are looking great! I'm waiting 'til the end, too, before deciding how to put them all together.

  2. Nice blocks. I'm sure they will all end up in a great quilt.
    I remember the old time petunias with their sticky flowers that had to be picked off to keep them blooming. Today's new generation hybrids are so much better and even keep going at the end of the year when other plants are finished.

  3. Your stars are beautiful. I am one week behind but am having fun with them! Sorry about the wisdom teeth. Rest and ice cream! Happy 4th.

  4. your stars are wonderful!! I like the play of contrasts.
    Oh, my daughter had her wisdom teeth out - ouch! Its a rough few days.


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