Saturday, April 11, 2015

stars and such

The snow has melted.... I traveled for a week to Colorado to visit my Dad... we had Easter, I turned 50 (!)... and life just rolls along!

Caught up on some Stars in a Time Warp yesterday:



Printed plaids:

Each Wednesday Barbara gives us lots of examples and amazing details about that week's featured reproduction fabric type.  She also includes ideas for how to set our eventual quilts.

Some of these brighter reproductions look quite modern!

A drawing Noelle made me for my birthday.  A sweet memory from when my kids were little... 


  1. Happy belated birthday! ( my 1 daughter beat you there by a few months) I really love those stars!

  2. Some gorgeous fabrics and what a difference fabric placement makes to this block - I'm particularly struck by how strong the cross is in the central top block of the last pic, you don't see the star anymore just the cross. Fab sketch of the kids, one to treasure and happy birthday too, you're catching me up - Chris x :D

  3. Happy birthday! Love your latest batch of stars!!

  4. Your stars are stellar! Love how you are really thinking like a ninetheenth century quilter. Not so easy for everyone to do. Great colors.

  5. Noelle is very talented! Your stars look terrific. I'm behind the last four, starting with Chrome green, I think. I'll catch up eventually, I hope!

    Happy Birthday!

  6. I had no idea you went to CO or that you'd had a birthday (shout hooray.) I love Noelle's drawing. I was blessed with an artistic daughter also and this is exactly the kind of birthday gift I'm looking forward to when she gets older. She can draw me a picture every year for the rest of her life as far as I'm concerned. Happy belated birthday and I like the purple stars.

  7. Happy Birthday. Love the stars and that great sketch.

  8. Your Stars in a Time Warp blocks are just terrific. I'm not brave enough to post mine yet.

    Happy quilting.

  9. Many happy returns of the day!
    Your stars are looking so modern and fresh.


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