Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp - Two's green ditsy

Green calicos this week, and I used this piece of green fabric from my Great-grandmother Una ("Two").  I'm not sure how to date it, but it must be from somewhere between the 20's and 60's.

I used a piece of it in the first quilt I ever made, in 1991:

I'm making three blocks per week.  For the third block this time I interpreted the second block shown in Barbara's post.  A bit wacky and mismatched and totally awesome.  

Click here to see her post and learn all about these green calicos.

Now that I've got such a nice stack of stars, and we aren't even 1/4 through the year, I'm thinking I will make two quilts, one "hot" and one "mild" - but, who knows.  Here are some of my "hot" blocks:

I have many more mild blocks, for sure.

Each week Barbara gives us setting ideas too.  This is such a fun sewalong - and it's never too late to hop in!  If you are on Instagram, look at #starsinatimewarp for some ideas.



  1. I'm making two sizes, but I'm behind on both. My next day of sewing should get me caught up to the green, and by then, I'll be two behind on small ones. Really looking for a color I like for the next big one, and green could be it. I have some fabric like that in several colors. I bought mine in the 70s, either VIP or Cranston I suspect, and I'm leaning toward Cranston. I think it was a ditsy that was made for a very long time. Or printed and then brought back later.

  2. Very pretty blocks and I especially like your third one with the shirting plaids!

  3. So special to be able to use fabric that came from your Great-Grandmother. Love your 'wacky, mismatched, awesome block'!

  4. Love your stars! That first green brings back such memories! I have that print in pink that I bought when I was in high school (early 1970's). Eli Walker prints were popular for so many years. It was hard to find good calicoes in the 1960's and 70's. We are so lucky today!

    1. Wendy and desertsky... Thank you for the hints and info! I'm thinking 60's, perhaps early 70's although Two had stopped quilting by then I believe.

    2. P.s. And if only she had labeled and dated her quilts!!

  5. Hi Cynthia,
    I bought that green fabric back when it was current, 1971.
    I'm enjoying your blog!


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