Monday, March 2, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution - top finished!

Top - completely - pieced - Yay! ... the last step in the Flags of the American Revolution quilt-along hosted by Lori at Humble Quilts.  Thank you Lori for keeping us all on track!  This was my first ever quilt-along and it was so fun to quilt along with blogging buddies.

The quilt is from a Jan Patek pattern from the book of the same name.

 Quick snapshot in the waning daylight since both my guys happened to be home.  I will get a better photo in 2020 (kidding) when I finish actually quilting this thing.

Major indecision when it came time to decide on a border...

A soft homespun... ??

Out of the box -  green... ??

This bold stripe,  originally chosen for binding... ?

In the end settling on the simple navy frame...

My thoughts now turn to how I will quilt it... definitely the busiest most complicated quilt top I've made to date.  A few ideas:

  1. Stabilize it with some in-the-ditch machine quilting, and then use sashiko thread for some chunky primitive style hand stitching in each block?? 
  2. Hanging diamonds by machine?? (with monofilament in the needle - my usual- this avoids a too thready look, emphasizing the quilting line but not the thread)
  3. Freehand Baptist fans over the whole deal, by hand?  Or baptist fans throughout except for eagle center medallion (echo quilting) and the navy outer border (sashiko knots). 

Can't wait to see everyone else's finished tops at the link up on Lori's blog.  Thanks again Lori!



  1. It is gorgeous and I'm so happy you decided on the navy border.
    I choose number 1 for the quilting!!

  2. Wow! Just beautiful. I think I would also choose #1 for the quilting.

  3. It's a great quilt! Congrats on getting to the quilt top stage!

  4. Your quilt top looks great! It was so much fun to quiltalong together :)

  5. Beautiful! I love the outline stitching on your eagle. And I was happy to see I wasn t the only one who modified the Liberty block. I vote for Baptist Fan quilting.


  6. This quilt top is indeed 'busy', but boy, isn't it interesting and most attractive! I love the colours and the eagle can now be seen clearly, Quilting it will be a challenge. I'd settle for hand quilting if I were you.

  7. It is so interesting to see the fabrics each of us chose for our quilts.

  8. Definitely a gorgeous finish! I will love seeing your quilting decision.

  9. I love your finished quilt top! and I love how you pictured it out in the snow!! I'll have to remember to do this when I finish a quilt in the Winter! :)
    I really like your blue border, too.


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