Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow and more improv

Our town ended up getting about 35 inches of snow - (I think we got more!).  It snowed all night Monday and all day yesterday.  A light, dry snow and we kept power, so I call that a good storm!

Our neighbor has a plow and generously took care of us!

And Tommy took care of the rest, in stages.

Molly wasn't so sure....

Daisy loved it...

 She's in there somewhere, with Tommy stomping out a trench for her:

I mostly stayed cozy in the kitchen or in the sewing room... making a big snow day sewing mess...

Working on some more improv blocks, including some experimenting with Sujata Shaw's smart method of making free-form blocks:

I highly recommend her book!  This free-from way of piecing is absolutely FUN, freeing, just fabulous.

When not upstairs I was cozy downstairs by the wood stove...

Working on hand quilting - I keep forgetting to take photos of that.

And this morning...... the sky is beautiful as Daisy and I surveyed the scene.  We will all enjoy this second snow day and then it's back to school tomorrow...



  1. Oh my gosh! I haven't seen snow like that since I was in sixth grade - and we're not going to talk about how many decades that's been! That's amazing. I love your sewing area, and I love your wood stove! That I'm jealous over - maybe in a couple of years I will put one in. =)

  2. Thank God for snow! It makes neighbours help each other, the dogs amused and indoor activities fun! Happy quilting!

  3. I think we got about the same amount of snow here. I didn't get any sewing done because it took all of us to clear it. LOL And, I'm still using an ice pack on my back. :-)

  4. Loved the pictures of the dogs in the snow. Tommy also looked very happy (?) to be helping with snow removal.


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